3D Dip Powder Nail Art Designs That You Must Try This Season

Tired of the usual single-tone nail polish? Why not try doing the latest nail art that women all over the world are dying for? The “3D Nail Art” is an interesting way to glamorize your nails to the next level. Flaunting flower themed nail art shows your feminine side and it also depicts your love towards nature. Jazz up your look instantly with these 3D Dip Powder Nail Art Designs.

Dip Powder Nail Art Designs

1. Simple 3D Nail Art with Single Flower

To achieve this look, you will only need a few materials. Using LDS D37 Out Loud as the base coat, there are several designs that you can choose from. The only material you’ll need to create the 3D flowers is LDS French White and by following video tutorial on Youtube, you can easily make your own flowers. You have to use brushes for the creation of the petals and leaves designs. If you want to make different looks, you can also use black nail polish for additional accents and to finish the glam look, you can add some rhinestones too.

2. Edgy Meets Floral Nail Art

Floral nail is not for everyone. Some girls may be wearing nail polish but they stick to the black one. But you can always give that black nails a twist by putting a 3D flower on top. Incorporate colors that compliment black like white, blue and red. You can basically put anything you can think about, the possibilities are endless when it comes to black base coat.

3. Chic Flower Nails

Deep blue nails are a huge trend this 2019. The regal shade of blue makes any nails look like a million-dollar hand. Adding a white floral 3D flower on them will give the stunning color a summer/ spring aesthetic. If you are aiming for a more abstract look, you can either place a single flower on a nail or place each flowers on different areas of the nail and you can have a more abstract type look.

4. Drawn with Flowers

When we think of flower nail art, we often associate it with the world “realistic” and while real flowers can be seen anywhere, using it in our nail art is not always a good idea. You can also create your own realistic flowers using nail dipping powder, and what’s good about this is that they won’t wither easily just like the real ones.

5. Bright Orange Nails with Flowers

Even if you can’t enjoy a Hawaiian vacation, you can bring the tropics to your manicure. Bright colors are warm weather staples just like orange. Putting a 3D Hawaiian flower will keep your nail chic looking this summer season and you can feel the summer vibe anytime of the day. Just look at your nails and you will be taken instantly to the tropic region, do this until you have enough money to buy a plane ticket or until your stress has worn out.