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How to Keep Your Nails Looking Fresh During Your Vacation

How to Keep Your Nails Looking Fresh During Your Vacation

Having a vacation is one way to remove your stress but preparing for the trip can be very stressful. There are tons of things that need to be done in order to get that dream vacay you are dreaming of. From packing your things to making arrangements, there’s just too much to do before you can even fully enjoy your trip. But if there’s one thing that cannot be overlooked, then that is your nails! Keeping your nails looking fresh while on a vacation is something that you should include in your to-do list, so here are some nail necessities that you should know:

Keep Nails Looking Fresh

Schedule Your Manicure Closer to Your Departure Date

No matter how durable your gel polish is, chips can happen so to ensure that your nails will look flawless throughout the vacation, it would be best to have your nails done a day before you leave.

Go for Gel Polish

When having a vacation, re-touching a chipped nail polish is something that you wouldn’t want to worry about. The best way to keep your nail polish remains shiny and chip-free is to skip the traditional lacquer and opt for gel polish instead. Choose a colour that will keep your fingers looking neat and beautiful during the duration of your trip, such as opi gel nail polish. Getting a nail dipping powder is also an advantage as it will make your nails extra strong and it last longer than most polishes.


Erase Blackheads

3 Ways to Erase Blackheads in 5 Minutes or Less Per Day

You and I know it’s oxidized oil, not dirt. But blackheads make your skin look dirty and your pores appear huge. Let’s talk about three ways to erase them in five minutes or less a day.

First, obviously, you can extract blackheads. There are all sorts of blackhead removal products like comedone extractors and pore vacuums. But in unskilled hands, some of these tools can scar your skin. Depending on how many blackheads you want to remove, you might be better off using a different method.

Erase Blackheads

Second, scrubs, peels, face masks, and pore strips also physically eliminate blackheads. They are less invasive, and better for treating a large area like your nose or chin. The first time you use them, you may not clean up everything. But repeated attempts will make a noticeable difference. (more…)

Kiarasky gel polish

How to Use Kiarasky Gel Polish

The gel polish manufacturers have come up with another fascinating polish known as Kiarasky. Its colour base has the colour and the base having been mixed into a single bottle. It is very fascinating to have the Kiarasky manicure because it leaves you with one of the most fascinating looks ever. What you need to know is how to apply the gel polish so that you do not have to waste a lot of time when going to the salon.

Kiarasky gel polish

When applying the Kiarasky gel polish, you should note that you need a top coat to get a perfect finish. However, a separate base coat might is optional. It depends on the user. The formulae that used to make this gel is said to be free of solvents. It simply means that its smell is weak and does not thicken nor does it yellow over time. Kiarasky has over 87unique colours with each of the polish colour having a matching gel lacquer that you can always purchase separately. When using Kiarasky gel, there are a few things that you need to know about it in order to get the perfect finish that you desire. (more…)