3 Ways to Erase Blackheads in 5 Minutes or Less Per Day

You and I know it’s oxidized oil, not dirt. But blackheads make your skin look dirty and your pores appear huge. Let’s talk about three ways to erase them in five minutes or less a day.

First, obviously, you can extract blackheads. There are all sorts of blackhead removal products like comedone extractors and pore vacuums. But in unskilled hands, some of these tools can scar your skin. Depending on how many blackheads you want to remove, you might be better off using a different method.

Erase Blackheads

Second, scrubs, peels, face masks, and pore strips also physically eliminate blackheads. They are less invasive, and better for treating a large area like your nose or chin. The first time you use them, you may not clean up everything. But repeated attempts will make a noticeable difference.

Just be judicious and skip a couple of days between treatments. Too much of a good thing can damage your skin and lead to excessive dryness or infection.

Third, play the long game by using a salicylic acid or glycolic acid face wash. Salicylic acid is excellent for unclogging pores as it dissolves the oil and exfoliates the skin. The right face cleanser will diminish blackheads over time until they are just a memory.

Let’s imagine that you need to give yourself an emergency makeover today. If you have any large blackheads that must be eradicated immediately, you’ll need a comedone extractor that’s been disinfected.

Begin by washing your skin with a salicylic acid cleanser. You can double the effect with a Clarisonic brush or similar. Don’t worry, it won’t tear your skin as some gritty scrubs will.

Move on to a peel or mud mask to soak up impurities and release as many blackheads as possible. Then soften up any leftover spot with a warm, wet cloth as a compress for a few minutes. Grab your trusty extractor and press it down with the blackhead centered in the loop. Ta-da! Problem solved.