How to Keep Your Nails Looking Fresh During Your Vacation

Having a vacation is one way to remove your stress but preparing for the trip can be very stressful. There are tons of things that need to be done in order to get that dream vacay you are dreaming of. From packing your things to making arrangements, there’s just too much to do before you can even fully enjoy your trip. But if there’s one thing that cannot be overlooked, then that is your nails! Keeping your nails looking fresh while on a vacation is something that you should include in your to-do list, so here are some nail necessities that you should know:

Keep Nails Looking Fresh

Schedule Your Manicure Closer to Your Departure Date

No matter how durable your gel polish is, chips can happen so to ensure that your nails will look flawless throughout the vacation, it would be best to have your nails done a day before you leave.

Go for Gel Polish

When having a vacation, re-touching a chipped nail polish is something that you wouldn’t want to worry about. The best way to keep your nail polish remains shiny and chip-free is to skip the traditional lacquer and opt for gel polish instead. Choose a colour that will keep your fingers looking neat and beautiful during the duration of your trip, such as opi gel nail polish. Getting a nail dipping powder is also an advantage as it will make your nails extra strong and it last longer than most polishes.

Ditch the Cuticle Oil

If you’re going to a place that is only reachable by plane, it would be best to leave your cuticle oil at home as the struggle to get through the TSA with a ton of liquids in your carry-on is inevitable. Keep a dual-action hand and cuticle cream in your bag instead to keep your hand and nails hydrated at all times. If you don’t have one, you can also use your hand cream or lotion just make sure to apply every now and then.

Keep a Travel-size Nail Polish

A sight of chipped nail polish is one of the fastest ways to ruin your vacation and you surely don’t want that to happen to you, don’t worry SNS dipping powder will help you have a great vacation . Bring a travel-size bottle of the same nail polish in your bag to avoid unsightly chips on your vacation so you can fix your nails anytime in your travel. If your nail polish doesn’t have a travel-size bottle, you can still go for one with the same colour, no one will notice the difference anyways and you can keep your nails looking fresh and chip-free.

A Handy Nail Clipper and Nail File Will Be Useful

The activities you will do on your vacation might take a toll on your nails and you’ll never know when you’ll have a dreaded hangnail or a broken nail so it would be best to keep a nail clipper or nail file in your purse to you can fix your nails if you run into a mishap while you’re on your vacation.